Final Decisions.

Happy monday everyone! I have finally have come to decision on what career path i plan to take! My dream is to continue my clothing brand’s ideas, although my passion to help others has taken into consideration. I plan on becoming an ER Doctor, all while still trying to set up my company. This seems […]

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Society, Friends & Relationships. 

I’ve often wondered what life would have been like back when we did not discover mobile cellphones, or useless social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat. I often found myself lost in public, in a deep mental trance. Adrift In my own thoughts, perspective, or imagination. I would sit down, breath and count how […]

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My blog update.

Within the last week of my blog, I have failed to maintain my daily personal postings. I do personally feel my last blog, WAS NOT In any case, sufficient enough to be considered a finished draft. I thought quantity over quality, thus bringing me to this conclusion.  I will write blogs whenever I have a […]

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Control your future?

Sometimes I find myself lost In thoughts, and honestly I think far beyond one person should. I lose myself into the vast unknown. I ponder at who I will marry, how many children I will have. I think about my future, and all who will be In It. It’s actually a wonderful concept; Is It […]

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Everyday, with each minute passing, I find myself discovering an infinite amount of new information I have not known about myself. With this new journey, this new me has flourished. I now read articles I once thought to be a waste of time. I now listen to audio podcasts I once thought of as time […]

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